Episode 9

Published on:

28th Feb 2023

You Can Let it Happen TO You, Or Make it Happen FOR You with Alyson Lex

“You can either let it happen TO you, or MAKE it happen FOR you.”

Alyson Lex is a Direct Response Copywriter, which means she is an expert in SELLING whatever YOU’RE an expert in to clients and customers. She helps businesses hone their message, websites, social posts and even the content itself to maximize the calls to action, which in turn, maximizes revenue.

We talk about Alyson’s origins, her business and the importance of copywriting for ANY business. Don’t miss out on this episode with an amazing entrepreneur.

Show highlights:

00:50 - Who is Alyson Lex?

01:45 - What is copywriting and why do you need it?

05:15 - How do you teach business owners the importance of copywriting

08:04 - Podcasts as publish coaching sessions

09:10 - Creating products for clients

15:00 - What does Alyson face most in her consulting

19:20 - How failing helped Alyson

24:55 - Alyson’s Journey of Business

27:30 -  Automating Email Followup

28:40 - AlysonLex.com

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